Moving Day

In an attempt to hold myself a little more accountable, I’ve decided to upgrade my site to a self-hosted version at starting on Thursday, August 16th. Not only do I enjoy paying for things that I can already get for free, but I would also prefer to do everything myself instead of letting perfectly competent people take care of things I don’t completely understand. So join me at my new internet home for more hilarity and wit where the wisdom floweth…or just come on over to make fun of my unrealistic self-image.

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Dadvice: Eating and Exercise

We’ve all heard the old wives tale about swimming, eating and the waiting period necessary to avoid “calling dinosaurs.” I’m pretty sure we’ve debunked this one but I’d like to present a similar piece of advice, free for critique and debate:  Continue reading

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You might be a New Dad if… Part 3


You might be a new dad if the following questions have entered your mind right around the date of discharge from the hospital:  Continue reading

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View From the Top of the World

“You wanna go have a baby?”


This was the start of my day on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. Continue reading

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A Child is Born

Digital Baby Scale

What a day! Long story short, Caseton Wade Taylor is resting comfortably and had no issues on his birth day. He came in at 4:24 PM CST weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and measured 20 3/4″ long. The wife is also resting…what a trooper. I know she’s exhausted because I am. Continue reading

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Ready or Not…

August Moon Number 1

I finally sat down to write this on the eve of my son’s birth after trying to keep up with my wife. She’s as pregnant as she’ll ever be, but still feels the need to clean the entire house in one day. Not just vacuuming and dusting, but a little touch up painting (don’t worry, we’ve got a respirator) and about 17 loads of baby laundry (the kid has more clothes than any one, tiny person should have).  Continue reading

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You Might be a New Dad if… Part 2

English: Duct Tape as purchased in Australia

Your idea of baby proofing includes the purchase of large quantities of bubble wrap and duct tape.

Your eyes hurt from reading way too many instruction manuals.

You’ve almost had your hand trapped in a Diaper Genie…almost. Continue reading

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The Danger of Role Models

Football and Fall is Here

I’m a sports junkie. I’ve been known to ingest football at unhealthy levels, to the point where the number of hours watched in a single sitting exceed the number of hours of daylight in an early Fall day.  I’ve also been guilty of avoiding as much human contact as possible, driving home in silence for fear of someone trying to talk about a playoff baseball game that I have recorded. I love every sport…almost. Sorry, falconry. I don’t understand you. Continue reading

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The Importance of Work

Jerry Sandusky, right, the former Penn State d...

The 267-page Freeh report came out last week detailing former FBI director Louis Freeh’s findings in the Penn State Child Abuse case. Suffice it to say that multiple, high-ranking men, with the power to do something, knew of Jerry Sandusky’s despicable acts and did nothing to put a stop to it. Some might argue that they did the bare minimum with respect to their legal obligation in passing it up the food chain with little to no follow-up, but I would like to think that people aren’t that soulless. Continue reading

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You might be a New Dad if…

I would like an adult onesie please

With just under 2 weeks before the baby arrives, I’ve often had thoughts run through my head that, I’m sure, only cross the mind of first-time fathers. I felt obligated to create a list and include some of them here. Some of these things I’ve actually wondered, others I haven’t actually worried about but I’m sure there’s some first time father that has.  Continue reading

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