Ready or Not…

August Moon Number 1

I finally sat down to write this on the eve of my son’s birth after trying to keep up with my wife. She’s as pregnant as she’ll ever be, but still feels the need to clean the entire house in one day. Not just vacuuming and dusting, but a little touch up painting (don’t worry, we’ve got a respirator) and about 17 loads of baby laundry (the kid has more clothes than any one, tiny person should have). 

But it’s strange to think about the massive difference between falling asleep tonight and falling asleep tomorrow night.  Although I don’t think the title of “parent” is earned or based on merit, my wife and I will both take possession of it in just a few short hours. I still don’t feel as prepared as I would prefer even though it’s no surprise what’s going to take place on August 1st. In college, it wasn’t that difficult to cram the night before a big test but at this point, I’ve humbly conceded to the mantra “you don’t know what you don’t know.” It’s impossible to prepare for the next 18-80 years so we just focused on the first few months. After that, we’ll fall in line with all of the other parents with stretched, elastic waistbands and fly by the seat of our pants.

I’d love to make predictions right now about what is to come but I honestly have no clue, but stay tuned…I’ll keep you posted.


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3 Responses to Ready or Not…

  1. Kevin says:

    Great post – love to you all.

  2. Gina says:

    That was beautiful and well said! Y’all will be awesome, God will make sure of that 😉

  3. Kez says:

    How exciting 🙂
    Look, no matter how “ready” you are, you don’t know the meaning of ready until it happens – trust me! You’ve done all you can to prepare and now the exciting part is happening – enjoy every precious moment and I wish you both all the very best for a safe arrival of bub 🙂

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