You might be a New Dad if… Part 3


You might be a new dad if the following questions have entered your mind right around the date of discharge from the hospital: 


“They know we’re taking this child home, right?


“No questionnaire? No exit interview? No test? We can just leave?”


“Are they going to send someone home with us to make sure we know what we’re doing?”


“And when can I expect the instruction manual in the mail?”


“Do I have any questions? Of course I do. But I won’t think of them until I’m alone with this child, my phone breaks and I have absolutely no means of communication with the outside world.”


“What, exactly, can I take from this hospital room that I’ve technically already ‘paid for’?”


“I’ll actually be useful when we get home, right?”


“Would you be willing to write down everything you’ve told us over the last 4 days?”


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