Dadvice: Eating and Exercise

We’ve all heard the old wives tale about swimming, eating and the waiting period necessary to avoid “calling dinosaurs.” I’m pretty sure we’ve debunked this one but I’d like to present a similar piece of advice, free for critique and debate: 

Wait at least 30 minutes after your child eats to “walk” your child.

A few mornings ago, we decided to load up our son in the stroller for the first time and get out of the house for a few minutes. Obviously, he had recently had a bite to eat and was therefore passed out. He remained passed out for the entire trip around the block, except for the 20 seconds required to show us what he had eaten just a few minutes earlier as we neared the house. Then, right back to sleep. No crying, no fussing, just the world’s worst nap.

So you might want to take a word of advice from someone that’s been there: Young children need a break between their eating and your exercise…unless you’re ok with your neighbors referring to you as the traveling circus with the fancy, white fountain display.



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2 Responses to Dadvice: Eating and Exercise

  1. Kez says:

    Haha and once they’re moving by themselves – crawling and rolling, same rule applies! Trust me!

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