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Dadvice: Eating and Exercise

We’ve all heard the old wives tale about swimming, eating and the waiting period necessary to avoid “calling dinosaurs.” I’m pretty sure we’ve debunked this one but I’d like to present a similar piece of advice, free for critique and … Continue reading

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The Danger of Role Models

I’m a sports junkie. I’ve been known to ingest football at unhealthy levels, to the point where the number of hours watched in a single sitting exceed the number of hours of daylight in an early Fall day.  I’ve also … Continue reading

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The Importance of Work

The 267-page Freeh report came out last week detailing former FBI director Louis Freeh’s findings in the Penn State Child Abuse case. Suffice it to say that multiple, high-ranking men, with the power to do something, knew of Jerry Sandusky’s despicable acts … Continue reading

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Dadvice: Painting Textured Walls

I hate textured walls. As far as I’m concerned, the only reason to texture a wall is to mask a subpar drywall job or worse yet, a crooked house frame. It’s not that I think it looks all that bad … Continue reading

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