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Ready or Not…

I finally sat down to write this on the eve of my son’s birth after trying to keep up with my wife. She’s as pregnant as she’ll ever be, but still feels the need to clean the entire house in … Continue reading

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You Might be a New Dad if… Part 2

Your idea of baby proofing includes the purchase of large quantities of bubble wrap and duct tape. Your eyes hurt from reading way too many instruction manuals. You’ve almost had your hand trapped in a Diaper Genie…almost.

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You might be a New Dad if…

With just under 2 weeks before the baby arrives, I’ve often had thoughts run through my head that, I’m sure, only cross the mind of first-time fathers. I felt obligated to create a list and include some of them here. … Continue reading

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Titles and Preparation

Blogger. Dog Lover. Amateur Painter. Slightly-Above-Average-When-The-Course-Matches-My-Crooked-Ball-Flight Golfer.  But I’m just under one month away from the expected arrival of an additional title that will forever change everything about me except my past: Father. 

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Baseball Rant: Interleague Play

I love the game of baseball. It, like football, is one of those subjects in which you can quickly learn that the more you know, the more you don’t know. I love the mental chess game, the one-on-one matchups within … Continue reading

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The Pregnant Nose

The other night I was lying in bed about to doze off when my wife hops in and asks, “Did you just sneeze?” In a bit of a haze I said “No. Why?” “It smells like someone sneezed.”

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The Name Game

For the past couple of years I’ve been keeping a running list of names. I started this list before I knew I was going to be a dad, before I was married, before I was engaged and even before I … Continue reading

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My Foray into Blogging

I had a thought the other day that it might be interesting for my child to, someday, be able to look back and see what it was like to raise him or her.  To get an inside look at what … Continue reading

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