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The Danger of Role Models

I’m a sports junkie. I’ve been known to ingest football at unhealthy levels, to the point where the number of hours watched in a single sitting exceed the number of hours of daylight in an early Fall day.  I’ve also … Continue reading

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You might be a New Dad if…

With just under 2 weeks before the baby arrives, I’ve often had thoughts run through my head that, I’m sure, only cross the mind of first-time fathers. I felt obligated to create a list and include some of them here. … Continue reading

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Man Trivia: Dishwashers

Q: Did you know the appliance we refer to as a “dishwasher” has been poorly branded and does not do what it says it does?

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Swing and a Miss: The MLB All-Star Game

“This Time It Counts.” That’s the bill of goods Major League Baseball is selling its fans now. Since 2003 the league that wins the All-Star Game is awarded home field advantage for the World Series. This abomination has been discussed, … Continue reading

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Titles and Preparation

Blogger. Dog Lover. Amateur Painter. Slightly-Above-Average-When-The-Course-Matches-My-Crooked-Ball-Flight Golfer.  But I’m just under one month away from the expected arrival of an additional title that will forever change everything about me except my past: Father. 

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NFL Rookie Symposium

The NFL held their annual Rookie Symposium last week. It’s basically a 4 day prep course to grow college “student-athletes” into NFL players. Lectures, skits and discussion panels make up the majority of the symposium detailing various aspects of life in … Continue reading

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Man Trivia: Laundry

Q: Did you know there are more than 2 categories (darks and lights) when it comes to washing laundry?

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My Son, The Loser

Not a loser in the derogatory sense that would breed shame and embarrassment in his parents like a glowing ember of humiliation fanned by the winds of failure. At least I hope not. We haven’t even met the kid yet. 

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My Wife, The Good Sport

I feel bad for my wife sometimes. For one, I tricked her into marrying me, somehow. And the poor women hasn’t figured out that she’s so amazing that she could have convinced any man on the planet to put a … Continue reading

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Baseball Rant: Doctored Baseballs

After hearing about the recent ejection and 8-game suspension of Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Joel Peralta for using pine tar to improve his grip, I started confusing myself trying to figure out the backwards logic of most pitchers. And I have … Continue reading

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