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You might be a New Dad if… Part 3

  You might be a new dad if the following questions have entered your mind right around the date of discharge from the hospital: 

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Titles and Preparation

Blogger. Dog Lover. Amateur Painter. Slightly-Above-Average-When-The-Course-Matches-My-Crooked-Ball-Flight Golfer.  But I’m just under one month away from the expected arrival of an additional title that will forever change everything about me except my past: Father. 

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Family Leadership

Recently, I checked out Michael Hyatt’s website and found this great guest post from Dave Stone. It’s directed towards dads but could just as easily have been directed towards all parents. The gist of the article is about family leadership … Continue reading

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Man Trivia: TP

Q: Did you know there is an upside-down and a rightside-up when it comes to toilet paper?

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My Foray into Blogging

I had a thought the other day that it might be interesting for my child to, someday, be able to look back and see what it was like to raise him or her.  To get an inside look at what … Continue reading

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