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A Child is Born

What a day! Long story short, Caseton Wade Taylor is resting comfortably and had no issues on his birth day. He came in at 4:24 PM CST weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and measured 20 3/4″ long. The wife is … Continue reading

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Ready or Not…

I finally sat down to write this on the eve of my son’s birth after trying to keep up with my wife. She’s as pregnant as she’ll ever be, but still feels the need to clean the entire house in … Continue reading

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Man Trivia: Say What?

Q: When is it reasonable for your wife to use phrases like “lay down my pimpin’,” “step my love game up,” “ya dig?” and “zoom-zoom go boom-boom”?

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Boy or Girl?

We found out the sex of our baby the other day. I finally wore my wife down enough to convince the sonographer to write down the sex and put it in a sealed envelope. It took all of 4 minutes … Continue reading

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Nursery Paint

I came home the other day to a test. I knew I would fail it as soon as I stepped into what would soon be transformed into the new baby’s room. Officially called an office, this is a room that … Continue reading

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The Pregnant Nose

The other night I was lying in bed about to doze off when my wife hops in and asks, “Did you just sneeze?” In a bit of a haze I said “No. Why?” “It smells like someone sneezed.”

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